CIEL Project Report



Project Report: UNESCO Contract N: 891.741.3

  • This report, within the framework of the contract and UNESCO’s programme to promote language diversity in cyberspace, seeks to:
  1. examine the extent of the endangerment of the traditional languages of the indigenous peoples of the Caribbean, with specific reference to Guyana, Belize, Dominica, St Vincent & the Grenadines, and Suriname,
  2. identify the most endangered languages and make recommendations for the use the world wide web and appropriate information and communication technology (ICT) to aid in their protection, propagation and, where appropriate, their revival, and
  3. prepare a proposal for the ongoing collection, storage and analysis of Caribbean indigenous language data, and for making this widely available through the hosting and management on a regional basis of a website which contains extensive and authoritative written, spoken and multimedia material in and about these endangered languages, using all existing technologies for the storage and dissemination.

Download the CIEL PROJECT REPORT (pdf)

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